Gift certificate

We create something extra special for Your soulmate. Not an ordinary gift certificate, but a whole new experience of shopping and pants-wearing.
Gift Your Wife, Sweatheart, Mom, Sister personalized pants, that will be sewn individually according to her measurements from any fabric in stock. Let her choose a color she likes and pants length she desires. She’ll receive a one-of-a-kind pair, as unique and beautiful as she is. Heavenly fit pair made from high-quality Italian fabric, as soft & tender as Your pure love. We will create pants with care and attention to the smallest details, so they might fully express the intensity of Your feelings.

How to Buy?

Purchase this listing!

Within 12 hours, we will send You a direct message to provide You with Your uniquely coded digital gift card image! It will include Your Beloved One's name and Your personal greetings if You wish so. We will discuss details via Etsy chat or You could put Your preferences into the note field when You place an order.

If You wish, email the digital gift card image to Your wife, or print the image and package it up to gift in person!

 (Optional) If you want, we could deliver Your gift card to Your loved one via email. In the mail body, we can include Your special message. The only requirement for this service is the full name of Your wife, her email address, and a special message of Yours.
* Your wife will receive the gift certificate within a few hours of Your purchase or at any time You prefer, with simple information on how to use it. (We also need Your personal email so we could put it on a mail copy).

How to Use?

* Our contacts will be provided both on the gift card and email letter, so Your Beloved One could conveniently reach us (via Etsy chat or directly with our manager on WhatsApp). We will immediately identify her with the full name, that You’ve provided us earlier.

* Firstly we’ll show her a variation of pants models that are equal to the price of the certificate You purchased. So she could choose the one she likes the most.

* Secondly we’ll show her our fabrics palette to choose a color or print she prefers.
* Thirdly we’ll provide our assistance in taking all body measurements correctly.
* As well as the fabric is chosen and we receive measurements and shipping info we immediately start working. For custom orders, we need up to 10 days to sew a pair.
* The pants are shipped on the same day they are ready. Both You and Your wife will receive a message with an international tracking number to check delivery in progress. We offer FREE international and domestic shipping on all pairs.

Delivery terms:
Europe: 7-14 days
United States: 14-21 days
Other countries: up to 28 days

* Valid for ONE YEAR from the date of purchase.
* Can not be returned and refunded.
* Is immediately active and can be used instant If You have any questions feel free to write us any time. We are always here ready to help!