Hello, Beauty!

So happy to meet You! We are IPANTS girls, who are crazy about pants!
Comfortable, stylish, universal pants with that "right" fit every girl dreams about! That was our challenge!!!
We understood exactly what our IPANTS should be. Pants that give a feeling of comfort and unspeakable pleasure!
The first IPANTS we created for ourselves. We started with three models. Today You can choose Your favorite IPANTS from more than 20 models of trousers and shorts! And we don’t stop!

The main features for us were and remain:
• The most comfortable fit in the world, which emphasizes the femininity of the figure and encourage You to feel Your sexuality in a new special way. So Your appetizing buttocks remind You once again how beautiful, sexy and unique You are!
Free cut that doesn’t limit movement and is suitable for the crazy life rhythm of girls of the XXI century!
Natural fabrics of the highest quality, that are pleasant to the body, warm in the cold and breathe in the heat.
Universal and at the same time unique design that allows You to combine pants with everything in Your wardrobe and inspires bold fashion experiments.

These features have formed our values as a brand and give confidence to every IPANTS LADY that when She choose IPANTS She buys not only pants.
She gets comfort, quality, individuality, love, care, and support from women like her. Who understand her needs and wishes.
She gets pants that she would like to wear every day with a wide smile. In which She feels an unstoppable desire to conquer the world and run towards dreams!
She gets the priceless LIGHTNESS OF BEING!
And the lightness of being for us is self-love, self-care, willingness to take compliments, to feel comfort, peace, safety, and confidence about Your own strength, uniqueness, and true beauty!

We love You, Your IPANTS team!